We are a family of 3.  Andrew (3?), Kim (?8) and Mitchell (4). Andrew is a Mechanical Engineer by trade and I am a relief/casual assistant educator in the child care industry. Mitchell attends day care 3 days a week and is about to start Prep next year!! We live on the Redcliffe Peninsula in Queensland which is about a 30 minute drive north of Brisbane.  We moved from Sydney to Queensland 7 years ago.  We love our lifestyle on the Peninsula.   We are close to the water, the area has lots of community events and festivals which we love, good schools, great parks and cycling/walking tracks.   Its definitely a slower pace of living compared to Sydney.     Andrew and I recently married on 1st October 2016.

Andrew had always wanted to do a trip to Cape York.   For years he has been talking about it.  I have done lots of travelling around Australia and overseas myself but was looking forward to travelling as a family.  It is something Andrew and I both want Mitchell to experience. We did an overseas trip to the UK in 2015 for 3 weeks and Mitchell was such a great little traveller.  We have had many camping weekends away and Mitchell loves being outdoors.  Travelling around Australia would be such a fantastic experience for him and he would learn so much being on the road so I am not worried that he will miss some of school next year.

Then circumstances changed with Andrew’s job this year.  We did have discussions about Andrew resigning and then for us to travel Australia as family.   Then Andrew came home from work one day in May and he said that he had resigned, so lets pack up and travel around Australia!!! Holey Dooley, well that’s not what I quite said but better not write any swear words here!!! LOL.  Even though I knew it was on the cards its still bit of a shock that he resigned and we were actually going to travel!!!!!  You know life is too short so with having the opportunity to travel, lets make the most of it!!!!  So for the past couple of months it has been crazily busy researching, planning and getting organised from buying a 4WD (Landcruiser) and caravan (Lotus Freelander triple bunk family van) and everything else that goes with this sort of trip.  For the amount of stuff we have had to buy for the car and the caravan in preparation I am sure we now have shares in Bunnings, BCF, Tentworld, Rays Outdoors, and any other caravan and camping related shops and online stores!!! LOL.

I don’t know anything about caravans and I often wondered, OMG how are we going to do this??? As much as it is an exciting adventure and I am very much looking forward to it, it’s still daunting to pack up your house and head off into the unknown. It certainly will be a very big learning curve for me as I will be out of my comfort zone but I can see that will also be a positive thing for me. But I have such confidence in Andrew to help me along the way, I know we need to work together as there will be challenges as we go but the main thing is to have fun together and enjoy every minute along the way and to take in all the good, the bad and the ugly bits along the way (hopefully not too many of those!!! LOL), so here we go……………………..