Queensland:- Agnes Waters/1770

Hands Up who had the first spat!!!

(11/8/2017 – 12/8/2017)

Yes, that would be me!!!   I had my first little bit of meltdown after getting lost in Bundaberg.   We were trying to find a dump point to empty the toilet cassette.   I put in Hinkler Tourist Park in my phone but Hinkler Central came up and it sent us into Bundaberg city to a shopping centre.  Andrew asked why I put in Hinkler Central and I screamed at him saying I put in Hinkler Tourist Park and didn’t realise that the GPS was directing us to Hinkler Central Shopping Centre!!  I had my reasons for being extra emotional that day though so getting lost just added to it.  And yes, the in car GPS was not working hence why had I had to use my phone.   Andrew had to pull over and check it with his phone and then we finally found the park in the end!  Arrgh – I’m hopeless with all this tech stuff!! LOL

We ended up driving through Bundaberg and up to Agnes Waters/1770.

As we were approaching Agnes Waters, I rang around to different places and we couldn’t find any accommodation but we managed to find a backpackers hostel called Southern Cross just before Agnes Waters.   It cost us $50.00 for 2 nights with power  (and showers and toilets if we wanted to use them).   Actually it was really quite a nice open area set in bushland and the owner was very friendly and helpful.

Agnes Waters/1770 – Wow!!  what a beautiful area!!    As we arrived there late afternoon, the owner of the hostel said to drive to 1770 and go up to the lookout to watch the sunset.   Gorgeous!!!

The next day we had a drive around the area and then we went down to the beach for lunch.  Andrew and Mitch swam around in the water (too cold for me!! LOL).   After lunch we stopped at the 1770 Beach Hotel overlooking the water, beautiful views!!  We seem to be having a drink in a hotel/pub at every stop LOL

We finished off the day by visiting the Agnes Water Museum.    It was quite interesting looking at all the historical artifacts.  1770 was named after Captain James Cook who landed here on 24 in May 1770 on his ship The Endeavour, hence the name of the area!





After Agnes Waters we bypassed Gladstone/Tannum Sands (we have already stayed there a couple of times in the past) and then continued through Rockhampton and we stopped at Capricorn Caves for one night.

(11/8/2017 – 12/8/2017)



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