Winter Holiday in Spain: Gibraltar and Benalmadena

On our last day in the Marbella area, we drove south to Gibraltar for the day to see the iconic Rock of Gibraltar.   Gibraltar is not actually a country but a British Overseas Territory.   The nearby countries are Spain to the north and Morocco (North Africa) to the south.  The Strait of Gibraltar (24 kilometres) is the only natural link between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the busiest waterways in the world.  Continue reading “Winter Holiday in Spain: Gibraltar and Benalmadena”

Winter Holiday in Spain: Marbella

Costa Del Sol, Spain – we had a wonderful time on the south coast of Spain, enjoying the Winter Sunshine, Sightseeing, Shopping, Flamenco Dancing, Tapas and Sangria!!!  We stayed for 5 nights at the Coral Beach Apartments in Marbella, including a Day Trip to the Rock of Gibraltar and then we drove up the coast towards Malaga and stayed at the Sahara Sunset Resort in Benalmadena for 5 nights.  Continue reading “Winter Holiday in Spain: Marbella”

A White Christmas in Europe (Part 3: Levi, Lapland)

Levi is the biggest ski and recreational resort in Finland.   Easy or Challenging – Levi has it all with ‘blue’ slopes for beginners, ‘red’ slopes for intermediate and ‘black’ slopes for the experts.   Levi also has an international ski school that offers lessons and courses for all skill levels.   While Andrew and Leanne took to the ski slopes one day, I organised a ski lesson for Mitchell – another fantastic experience for him.  He loved it and now wants to try skiing here in Australia, hmm looks like we could be heading down to the Snowy Mountains this Winter??? Continue reading “A White Christmas in Europe (Part 3: Levi, Lapland)”

A White Christmas in Europe (Part 2: Levi, Lapland)

Lapland!!  Hmm, where is that?   Well, its situated on the Arctic Circle, in the most northern part of Finland.  The Lapland region makes up about one third of Finland’s total area.   Around 184,000 people call the region home and the number of Reindeer in the region roughly equals that of people.   In  Winter, Lapland has been described as a magical snowy wonderland (and it most certainly is!!!).   It’s also the home of Santa Claus (where we were most fortunate to meet him not once but 3 times!!!).     Continue reading “A White Christmas in Europe (Part 2: Levi, Lapland)”

A White Christmas in Europe (Part 1: Brisbane to Helsinki, Finland)

A White Christmas in Europe!!!  Now this is something that we have never done before! Were we ready for the Snow and Minus something temperatures??  We didn’t know what to expect and I have to admit that I don’t really like the cold weather (hence why I love living here in Queensland) but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that we just had to experience and with Mitchell being the age of 7 it was the perfect time to go (and meet ‘Santa Claus’).  We were most excited for our next travelling adventure!!   Woo Hoo!! Continue reading “A White Christmas in Europe (Part 1: Brisbane to Helsinki, Finland)”