Tasmania: Launceston, Hobart, Bruny Island

(6/2/2018 – 22/2/2018)

Travelling along the Bass Highway towards Launceston, we stopped at Anvers Chocolate Factory, Museum and Cafe at Latrobe for some chocolate sampling and coffee!!

Anvers confectionery was established as a cottage industry in November 1989, by Igor Van Gerwen, who came to Australia from Belgium.   Igor has found the Tasmanian cream and butter to be the richest in flavour of any in the world.     He believed the reason for this is that the pastures in Tasmania’s pure environment stay green almost all year round, eliminating the need to feed the dairy cows on grains.

There is a small museum of chocolate where you can see and learn the process of producing fine chocolate.   There were also viewing windows so you can see how they make their chocolate.


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