Northern Territory: Litchfield National Park

(26/7/2018 – 30/7/2018)

We loved Litchfield National Park, it really is a must see destination whilst you are in the Top End.   It’s home to several stunning waterfalls that cascade into crystal clear pools, iconic magnetic termite mounds and clusters of weathered sandstone pillars at the Lost City.    There are plenty of bushwalking trails and 4WD tracks too.

You could not pre-book a camp site at Wangi Falls Campground – first in first served.    I didn’t realise that Pine Creek was quite a drive from Litchfield.     We should have driven more the day before so we were a bit closer.   It was still a good 3 or so hours drive until we got into Wangi Falls Campground.

By that time it was around 11ish,  we had to just drive around and around until we could see a free site,  sooo very lucky that we found the last campsite available (that was large enough for our van too) and we checked in for 4 nights.

Wangi Falls is beautiful and the most popular attraction in Litchfield National Park. As the weather was quite hot, I actually went into the water.  Yes, I swam!!!  All of us snorkelled in this waterhole!!

Andrew using the go pro at Wangi Falls

Another day we drove to Florence Falls where there is a wonderful double waterfall set amongst the rainforest.     There were alot of steps (maybe 160-170 steps??) through the rainforest that took you down to the base of the waterhole and falls.    And yes, into the water again – just lovely!!  Mitchell enjoyed snorkelling here, the water was so clear, you could see lots of fish.     We ended up spending a few hours here.


Mitchell snorkelling at Florence Falls

This video doesn’t exist

Florence Falls

We also stopped at Buley Rockhole which is another popular swimming spot.    It is a series of small waterfalls and rockholes but it was just packed with people everywhere so we left and went back to Wangi Falls for another swim there.

On Saturday we took a drive to Berry Springs (about an hour) and had brunch at a nearby cafe.   From there we visited the Berry Springs Nature Park which is a popular swimming and picnic area with several pools and a small waterfall  that are fed by a large underground spring.    The water was very warm but we didn’t swim here.     We had a walk around and then decided to head back to camp.   On the way we stopped at Crazy Acres Mango Farm & Cafe which is a family run 25 acre mango farm and bought some delicious ice-cream!!

On Sunday we did some more exploring with a drive out to the Lost City.    The Lost City is a series of large sandstone outcrops that evoke the remains of an ancient civilisation.  The track in was extremely rocky and rough and went for about 8-10 kms, great 4WD track!!!!   The complex freestanding sandstone block and pillar formations of the Lost City are spread over an area the size of a small town, and look like the ruins of a city with a maze of narrow alleys.    It is estimated that some of the sandstone walls are over 500 millions years old.


On Monday we packed up and drove out of Litchfield and back on to the Stuart Highway for Darwin.


(26/7/2018 – 30/7/2018)










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