Queensland:- Torquay/Hervey Bay

(4/8/2017 – 9/8/2017)

After we had some more work done on the car and caravan, we then had one final night at home and then in the morning we headed up to to Hervey Bay to stay with my Uncle John and his partner Heidi.   It took us about 4 hours.    We had a wonderful 5 days with them, just chilling out and relaxing at their home in Torquay.

Hervey Bay is a peaceful and picturesque seaside city that has attracted holiday makers for years.   It has plenty to offer for everyone, on the water and on the land.   Hervey Bay is known as the Whale Watch Capital and gateway to Fraser Island.  There are many whale watching cruises and 4WD tours to Fraser Island.

We decided not to go across to Fraser Island.   We will come back another time and do a 4WD camping holiday.

One day we did the 1km walk out to the Urangan Pier and back and then we went to Reefworld Aquarium.   We had lunch in the waterfront restaurant (which looks over to Fraser Island)  and then went next door into the aquarium.  It was only a small aquarium and it opened in 1979 but I feel its a bit tired looking and dated now.   They had numerous fish tanks on display.     They have a restaurant meal deal which includes a day pass to the Aquarium and a meal to the value of $20 in the Restaurant (Adults $32.00 and children $18.00). This was better value for money rather paying everything separately.

They had a touch tank where you could touch various sea urchins and coral.   In the afternoon they have fish feeding.   It all begins at the main indoor tank where the adults are able to take a piece of fish, climb up the ladder and feed the large reef fish by hand.  I volunteered to go up the ladder and feed some fish.  It is quite exciting seeing the speed with which the large fish and stingrays come to grab the fish!  Next everyone heads outside to where the sharks and turtles are housed.  Adults and children are given pieces of fish that can be fed to the sharks, turtles and large reef fish in the outside tank.  Mitchell really enjoyed being able to throw fishbits in to feed the turtles and baby sharks.   He was also able to touch the turtles and baby sharks as they swam by.  This was a highlight at the aquarium.

We also did a day trip out with John and Heidi through Howard and Toogoom and then had lunch at a restaurant called Goodys on the Beach at Burrum Heads where the food was delicious and views were beautiful!!!!

Next stop Childers for some free camping in a winery!!


Coffee in the Park (and a babycino for Mitch!!)
Playground at Hervey Bay
Playground at Hervey Bay
Heidi feeding meat to a kookaburra at home in the backyard
Urangan Pier
Reefworld Aquarium


Goodys on the Beach
Goodys on the Beach
On the pier at Goodys



Burrum Heads

(4/8/2017 – 9/8/2017)

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