Northern Territory: Kings Canyon

(21/8/2018 – 23/8/2018)

Kings Creek Station is located a short drive away from the spectacular Kings Canyon which is in Watarrka National Park making it the perfect base to explore the area.    There are a number of different accommodation options and a great range of experiences to enjoy at the Station.

We arrived at the Station and set up camp early afternoon.  Along with the Glovers, we drove out to Kings Canyon the next morning.   The iconic hike to the top of Kings Canyon is known as the Rim Walk and is a 6 km circuit.

Kings Canyon is sometimes referred to as Australia’s Grand Canyon and its about 270 metres to the canyon floor.

The start of the walk was straight up with around 1000 steps to climb up – well, that got the heart rate going that’s for sure!!!!  Gosh, and we’ve only just started and I was puffed!!!!   After that though, the rest of walk was pretty good – still challenging in some parts and the views all round were just amazing!!!

Doing the rim walk of Kings Canyon was another of those memorable moments with Mitchell.   He’s just a little trooper.    Having the other 3 boys there as well kept him going too.

With numerous stops, snack and water breaks and photos opportunities, we were back down at the carpark in a few hours!!!

The scenery was just breathtaking with the sandstone a stunning array of gold, orange and red colours.

The start of the Rim Walk – 1000 steps climb straight up!!!




Well, what a challenging and adventurous hike today!   Recommend it!!!  Loved it!!!

And just before we left to head back to camp for a much earned drink, we spotted a Dingo!!

Back at the Station, the boys had a game of touch footy with some other travelling kids.   We relaxed with nibblies and drinks!!    We also met a local aboriginal lady and we bought one of her paintings.


We finished off the day with dinner and more drinks around the campfire.

The next morning Dion was having car troubles and with numerous phone calls to a mechanic and Andrew looking at the car as well, it was decided that he wouldn’t tow the van to Ayers Rock Resort.    Andrew towed our caravan to Ayers Rock Resort, Yulara (about 3 or so hours drive) and set us up.    Dion dropped his family with us and then drove to the mechanic and left the car there.   Andrew picked up Dion from the mechanic and then drove all the way back to Kings Creek Station to hook up Dion’s van and towed that back to Ayers Rock Resort which ended up being about a 9 hour round trip!!!!! Just so glad we were there to help them out.


(21/8/2018 – 23/8/2018)








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