Start of Travelling

July 2017

We did have some minor setbacks, there is always something that goes wrong, or you put you car and caravan in to places to get things done and you pay for it and find out a few weeks later that nothing works and the actual job was not done!!! Do we have to check and double check everything these days???   Where is the honesty and customer service with companies and businesses these days????  Luckily for us Andrew knows alot about cars and stuff and is a handyman so he realised that things weren’t right, but what about those people who are none the wiser??  Anyway enough of the whingeing LOL LOL, all part of parcel of learning about caravanning.   This was all very new to us!!!

Andrew, along with the help of his Dad (John) made a draw system for the back of the Landcruiser and we bought a 65L fridge to put in the back of the car too.


Since Mitchell wanted to sleep in the middle bunk, Andrew took out the top bunk so that Mitchell could sit up in his bed (actually he can stand up now!!!!) so there’s alot more room for him.


Andrew also made a little shelf at the bottom of the bed so that Mitchell can use to put things on there too.  We also added a fan and 12v socket.


The bottom bunk we have left as a bit of a storage area!!

So the last week before we left was a bit of rush to get everything done, Isuzu sold, packing up and storing everything, cleaning the house ready for renting,  final errands completed, last minute problems dealt with and then we were off on Friday 21st July, driving down to the Northern NSW Rivers area where we stayed for a week at Andrew’s brother’s beautiful property.   This was about 2 1/2 hours drive south from our house.  We attended Andrew’s niece and nephew’s joint birthday party on Saturday 22nd.  Mitchell had a fun week hanging out with his cousins and it was a bit of a “practice run” for us where Andrew was able to check and iron out a few little issues!!   Always trying to perfect everything so things ran smoothly and better!!  And since we are travelling on the road for such a long time, you have to make and do things to make life easier!!!!

The first time I tried to use the washing machine, it wouldn’t work.  I checked the power point which was on, I was pressing buttons, etc and nothing worked.  Out came the instruction book where we both read through it and Andrew sat down and checked everything only to find I had not closed the door property.  OMG, Doh!  such a simple thing but I felt so stupid.  No lights came on to indicate that the door was not closed properly.   I did say that this was going to be learning curve for me didn’t I!!!! LOL.     Anyway, I am now all over this washing machine!!! LOL.   Onward and upward with the caravanning life!!



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