NSW: Broken Hill, Silverton, Cobar and home to QLD

(4/9/2018 – 11/9/2018)

From Peterborough we travelled on the Barrier Highway and into NSW to Broken Hill where we visited the Royal Flying Doctor Service.    The Royal Flying Doctor Service has provided care to the furthest corners of Australia since 1928.   Reverend John Flynn was instrumental in setting up nursing services in the outback, in what would become the Royal Flying Doctor Service.  

On 15 May 1928 Flynn’s vision came to life in Cloncurry, Qld for a one year trial.   255 patients were seen in that year. It was first called Aerial Medical Service. Qantas provided the first aircraft, pilot and servicing for the RFDS.  The RFDS is the 3rd largest airline in Australia with 63 aircraft spread across Australia.  The RFDS has 22 Aviation Bases and Health facilities operating around Australia with one being here in Broken Hill.    The RFDS is shown on the Australian $20 note with a portrait of John Flynn.

The Broken Hill Base of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) is an interactive museum that traces the history of the RFDS, including its doctors, pilots and nurses.

We did a tour of the base where we viewed the aircraft in the hangar, watched a film about the RFDS in their new theatre and looked around the gift shop.


From here we drove out to Silverton which was about 30 minutes west from Broken Hill and visited the Mad Max Museum.    WOW!!!  How cool is that, here in this small outback town to have a museum about such a famous movie.      I loved Mel Gibson and the Mad Max movies so I thought it was great.

This Museum is actually dedicated to Mad Max 2 (The Road Warrior) which was filmed at Mundi Mundi Lookout and around Broken Hill in 1981.    There were lots of photos, never seen before footage, life size characters in full costume, memorabilia and props.  There was also an outdoor display with original and replica vehicles.  (Cost: $10 per adult and $5 per child).


After we had a look through the Museum, we stopped in at the Silverton Pub for a couple of drinks before driving out to Mundi Mundi Lookout (5kms out of town) where we set up for a free overnight camp.  It was high on a hill with beautiful sunset views!!

The next morning we continued onto Cobar (which was about a 5 hour drive) to visit Andrew’s cousin and family again.    This time we stayed in a free camp for 4 nights behind the Cobar Memorial Services Club.   Great location (just a gravel area and you have to be self contained) but you could walk into town and there was a kids playground and skate/scooter ramp nearby as well.

We visited the Great Cobar Heritage Centre.   In 1911, Cobar was Australia’s leading producer of copper while gold and silver were found at nearby mines.    The Great Cobar Heritage Centre, completed in 1912, was originally the administration offices of the Great Cobar Copper Mine.     This beautiful building is a fitting place for the display of Cobar’s history.     There are two levels of relics and historical items relating to the town’s history, indigenous culture and a great deal of detail about mining in the area.     There’s even a replica mine tunnel downstairs.     Then there’s the old machinery out in the yard and the view of the old open cut mine.   Well worth the visit!!!

After a few days chilling out with Andrew’s cousin and family we said our goodbyes and left Cobar on Sunday afternoon.     Along the way we stopped at Nyngan and took some photos of the “Big Bogan”!!!!     From there we continued to Hickey Falls which was a nice little free camp spot just off the Newell Highway.

On Monday morning we packed up and continued driving through NSW and then crossed the border into Queensland!!!!!!   We stopped at Walpole Park in Millmerran for another free overnight camp.


On Tuesday morning we packed up and headed through Toowoomba and we arrived back home that afternoon!!!


WOW,   14 months on the road and here we are back at home!!!  I can’t believe we have finished!!!

What an EPIC caravanning adventure we had!!!    Words really can’t describe it.    It truly was the most amazing thing for our family to do!!!

We met alot of awesome families along the way, so many wonderful memories that we will cherish forever!!!

Part of me feels like packing up and doing it all over again!!!

There is still so much more to see and do around this beautiful country of ours.

Maybe one day we will………………..


(4/9/2018 – 11/9/2018)

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